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There’s no Job too big or too small for us to take on.


  • Shop fabrication from supplied drawings
  • Work with all alloys & weld processes
  • ASME certified welders


  • Supervise offload, hauling, setting & securing of equipment
  • QA documentation of equipment
  • Proper installation for years of reliable service


  • Small access platforms to entire buildings
  • Fabricate anything <20 tons in house
  • Bare steel to hot dipped galvanized


C Squared offers several options when it comes to piping. We can shop fabricate from the owner supplied isometric drawings in our fab shop or we can come on your site and field fabricate with or without detailed engineering. We are well versed in working with all alloys and weld processes from GTAW, SMAW, GMAW, FCAW and have our own orbital welding machine capable of welding from 1/2″-4” sanitary stainless. All our welders have successfully passed ASME Sect. IX testing and have certifications on file with continuity logs.


C Squared can handle your equipment through all phases of a project. We can assist in getting the right equipment ordered and then take control of it from storage to offloading, hauling, setting and securing. We have developed our QA documents to ensure your equipment starts its service life being installed properly for years of reliable service.

Structural Steel

C Squared can handle your structural needs from small access platforms to entire building steel. We typically fabricate anything <20 tons in house in our fab shop and work closely with other shops across the country on larger projects to ensure the best pricing and delivery. We can provide whatever finish you required from bare steel to hot dipped galvanized.


C Squared Industrial has a firm commitment to a zero-injury workplace. We strive every day to achieve this through daily “toolbox talks” and weekly mandatory safety meetings. In the morning talks it is more centered around the days work in front of us and the hazards we may encounter as well as any lessons learned from the previous day. The weekly meetings are more in depth and focus on key topics. Another tool we utilize to achieve a zero-injury workplace is encouraging our employees to use their “Stop Work Authority”. We want everyone to know they not only have the authority but an obligation to STOP work if they see something unsafe.

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